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What does the dissertation written by the authors of contain?

The dissertation must contain the following elements:

  • The title page is the initial page with information about the work, such as the ministry, educational institution, the name of the department, the topic of the dissertation, the name of the researcher, the year of graduation, etc .;
  • A brief introduction to the content of the work and research results;
  • Content – reflects the structure of the work, the names of departments/units are collected on the site and on which page they are located, the names of departments must be identical to the names in the perfect dissertation;
  • Symbol list – the page contains a complete list of symbols (abbreviations, etc.) used in the hearing, especially when writing technical texts;
  • Introductory part – this part indicates the subject, purpose of the study, and a brief description of the problem;
  • The main part – mainly consists of 3-4 chapters with the required number of chapters that reveal the topic of the work, its theoretical and practical parts;
  • The final part (conclusions) – the section summarizes the research, the presentation of material mainly from the first person in the form of personal positions, also indicates whether it is possible to develop this topic at a higher level;
  • List of sources used – indicate all sources of information that were used in a particular work, refer to the source – this is necessary, otherwise the work will be considered plagiarism;
  • Appendices – diagrams, tables, program code, and other materials that serve as a graphic representation of the process or result of work performed.

It is worth noting that a large number of sections/subsections is not synonymous with leading work. It is important that everyone follows and reveals the topic. A large amount of information from third parties will be considered not qualitative and not informative. Such fragments of text can be easily removed from the top dissertation without losing any meaning. Because the dissertation must correspond to a certain size (100-200 pages depending on the topic).

In addition to the cheap structure, an important condition for the approval of the dissertation is its design, which is strictly adhered to by the authors of In this case, educational institutions may also submit their requirements, but most often they adhere to a recognized standard.

General rules for theses

Black TimesNewRoman font, size 14, line spacing 1.5, and text height should be uniform.

Titles should be written in capital letters.

All pages should be numbered in the upper right corner, except for the title page, where there is no numbering at all.

The distance between the section header and the subheading should be 3 separate spaces, which corresponds to one missing line.

Each table and figure must have its name, the name of the table is specified in advance, the name of the figure – after the trust material.

If you use footnotes instead of endnotes in your text, they should not go to the next page.

What should be avoided when writing a dissertation?

The author of learns about the key points that need to be eliminated or clarified in the super doctoral dissertation as a result of pre-defense. To prevent possible changes, note the following paper writing help:

Significant deviations from the required amount of work. This applies to deviations in both secondary and primary areas. Too small a volume will be sent immediately for proofreading, and you do not need to write much, the prime topic should be open.

There are no references (footnotes) to the sources of the used literature. This moment can also make the work unique as a whole. In addition, it is desirable to use appropriate sources on this topic, not older than 5 years.